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Do you want to add your own artistic flair? Or perhaps host a DIY paint night? You can purchase a pre-built unfinished (no stain) farmhouse clock that is ready for you to apply your own colors to match your style and personality.


It's simple: select your desired  shape, shiplap direction, and hardware colour. 


All signs are handcrafted with care and made from off-cut materials and new wooden roman numerals.


NOTE: Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for your order to be processed after purchase.

Oversized Clock (Wall Mounted) - Farmhouse [Unfinished DIY Kit]

  • Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, make this farmhouse clock uniquely your own by saving the finishing touches for a do-it-yourself project. All farmhouse clocks come with paintable/stainable raised (3D) wooden roman numerals. We provide the custom pre-built clock; you take care of the paint, stain and sealer.


    An overview of dimensions are as follows:


    • 24-inch (W) x 24-inch (H)


    Please ensure your unfinished wall clock order includes a selection in each one of the following options:


    1. Clock Hardware Colour [Choose One]

    Black |OR| Silver


    2. Clock Shape [Choose One]

    Circular |OR| Square


    3. Shiplap Direction [Choose One]

    Horizontal Lines |OR| Vertical Lines


    Heavy duty "D" ring hangers are included with all clocks for easy hanging. If you have a different hanging style in mind (e.g. keyhole hangers), please leave a request in the additional comments and notes section. 


    A heavy duty anchor is included as a means of fastening and securing the clock to the wall.

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