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This display shelving unit brings a contemporary style and makes the perfect addition to your modern home. Its wooden structure delivers form and function, clean lines, and warm textures that complement any decorating scheme. All shelving units are made from off-cut materials and can be stained a custom colour combination, allowing you to showcase your style in a stunning and personalized way. 


All of our products are handcrafted with care and each piece is one of a kind.

NOTE: Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for your order to be processed after purchase. Accessories not included.


Display Shelf (Wall Mounted) - Modern Tiered Wood Shelving

PriceFrom C$150.00
Shelf Colour (Semi-Solid Stain)
Frame Colour (Solid Stain)
  • Not only does this wall mounted display shelf offer ample storage, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and versatile to any decor scheme. Its wooden frame strikes a floating silhouette and supports four wood shelves. Make this display shelf uniquely your own by customizing the colour of the frame and shelves from the stain selections above.


    An overview of dimensions are as follows:


    • 24-inch (W) x 36-inch (H) x 7-inch (D)


    Please ensure your custom order includes a selection in each one of the following options:


    1. Shelf Colour (Semi-Solid Stain) [Choose One]  

    Dark Brown |OR| Light Brown |OR| Taupe |OR| Beige |OR| Espresso |OR| Mahogany |OR| Red Brown |OR| Cedartone |OR| Naturaltone |OR| Black |OR| Dark Grey |OR| Greige |OR| Light Grey |OR| White |OR| Green |OR| Teal |OR| Blue |OR| Purple |OR| Pink


    2. Frame Colour (Solid Stain) [Choose One]

    Black |OR| Dark Grey |OR| Grey |OR| Light Grey |OR| White |OR| Dark Brown |OR| Taupe |OR| Light Brown |OR| Tan


    All stained products are finished with acrylic polyurethene for durability and longevity.


    Pre-drilled holes, screws and anchors are included for easy hanging and as a means of fastening and securing the product to the wall.

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