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There is nothing more natural than this simple wooden clock with unnumbered hours; it is simply "timeless" (get it?). A clock design for any room - it is minimal, practical and has that little something - and fits with many different home decor styles. All clocks are made from off-cut materials and can be stained your desired colour from the semi-stain colour selection above, paired with your desired shape, pattern, and hardware colour.


All of our products are handcrafted with care and each piece is one of a kind.

NOTE: Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for your order to be processed after purchase. Batteries not included.


Oversized Clocks (Wall Mounted) - Standard

PriceFrom C$95.00
Clock Colour (Semi-Solid Stain)
  • This large analog wall clock brings a minimalist look to your living space; it features a wooden clock face with each hour represented by line markers instead of numbers. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else, make this wall clock uniquely its own by customizing everything from the clock shape, to the pattern, to the colour of the clock and hardware. All standard clocks come with line markers; if you'd prefer a numberless or numbered clock, please state so as a request for modification. 


    An overview of dimensions are as follows:


    • 24-inch (W) x 24-inch (H)


    Please ensure your custom wall clock order includes a selection in each one of the following options:


    1. Clock Colour (Semi-Solid Stain) [Choose One]  

    Dark Brown |OR| Light Brown |OR| Taupe |OR| Beige |OR| Espresso |OR| Mahogany |OR| Red Brown |OR| Cedartone |OR| Naturaltone |OR| Black |OR| Dark Grey |OR| Greige |OR| Light Grey |OR| White |OR| Green |OR| Teal |OR| Blue |OR| Purple |OR| Pink


    2. Clock Hardware Colour [Choose One]

    Black |OR| Silver


    3. Clock Shape [Choose One]

    Circular |OR| Square


    4. Clock Pattern [Choose One]

    Solid |OR| Horizontal Shiplap |OR| Vertical Shiplap


    All stained products are finished with acrylic polyurethene for durability and longevity.


    Heavy duty "D" ring hangers are included for easy hanging. If you have a different hanging style in mind (e.g. keyhole hangers), please leave a request in the additional comments and notes section. 


    Heavy duty anchors are included as a means of fastening and securing the product to the wall.

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