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About Us

We at Window to Wall Contracting & Renovations Ltd. believe in completing every home and building improvement initiative as if it were our own investment, which is why we are committed to providing reliable, quality home and building improvement services throughout Prince George and it's surrounding communities. We pride ourselves in creating strong client relationships by understanding client goals and priorities, sharing knowledge and offering expert advice, fostering open and honest conversation, and clearly communicating throughout the entirety of the project. Our team is comprised of knowledgeable and highly skilled tradespeople and professionals equipped to deliver a variety of projects – interior or exterior, single room or whole house (such as home, kitchen, bath, basement). Our extensive portfolio is strengthened by our specialized services in glass and glazing, including the installation of windows, doors, shower glass, mirror, glass railing and more, and the ability to offer window and door rebates to eligible homeowners.

To further demonstrate our commitment to you and our professional business practices, we are accredited members of and registered contractors with the below associations and programs. 

Minimalistic Kitchen
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Our Team

Our Process

As home design trends evolve, decade by decade, spaces quickly become dated and aging infrastructure leaves spaces in a state of disrepair, the need for home and building improvement services is in perpetual demand. Window to Wall Contracting & Renovations Ltd. believes that home and building improvement initiatives of any size are a unique experience and we customize our services to suit the individual need and provide our clients with inspiring and innovative solutions to their spaces.

From initial consultations, planning and design, to project management, execution, and final touches, Window to Wall Contracting & Renovations Ltd. provides the expertise, trades and suppliers required to make each project a success.

Tape Measuring

On-Site Consultation

Each project begins with an on-site consultation visit which includes an in-person discussion and walkthrough of a prospective client's project space. Our objective during the consultation is to understand project scope along with your needs, priorities, and objectives, to offer feasible ideas and solutions, and to obtain measurements to provide the most accurate and thorough project cost estimate.

Planning &

When your project is merely an aspiration, we will work with you to explore designs/solutions that fit your home, lifestyle, and budget. Dependent on the level of project design detail and specification needed, a design detail fee may apply. You will be advised of this fee prior to providing you with a firm cost estimate. After project completion, the design detail fee will be credited to your final invoice.

Management & Execution

All work outlined in the final work order will be completed within the specified work scope. Throughout the project, we will communicate with you and keep you informed of project progress and any decisions requiring your attention. Most importantly, our team is passionate about what we offer and will provide insightful solutions to any unexpected challenges that arise — so your project can proceed smoothly with minimal disruption.

Home Renovation

Completion & Review

Even though the project work is considered complete, we don't deem the project quite finished yet. As a part of our own due diligence, we walk with you through the project space for a final inspection. Collaboratively, we’ll evaluate the quality of work to ensure expectations were met . If any problems or evidence of unsatisfactory work arise, we will document and promptly address them. 

Finished Space

Our Quality Guarantee

Built on a strong foundation of trust, talent and professionalism, Window to Wall Contracting & Renovations Ltd. adheres to the standard practices of the trades and ensures that client projects are completed on time and with the best quality craftsmanship. With a drive for excellence, combined with meticulous planning, fine workmanship and clear communications, Window to Wall Contracting & Renovations Ltd. possesses the skills and expertise to transform client concepts into reality. 

*For more information on our project warranty, please contact us. 

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