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Treat your neighbourhood bird family to a life of luxury and elevate your backyard appeal. This mid-century modern birdhouse offers a contemporary fusion of style and functionality, crafted just for your feathered friends! All birdhouses are made from off-cut materials and and can be stained a custom colour combination, allowing you to exhibit your style in a stunning and personalized way.


All of our products are handcrafted with care and each piece is one of a kind.

NOTE: Please allow for 1 - 2 weeks for your order to be processed after purchase. 

Birdhouse (Mounted) - Modern House

PriceFrom C$90.00
Wall Colour (Semi-Solid Stain)
Deck/Roof Colour (Solid Stain)
  • This birdhouse is every bird's dream! The modern design showcases a glass wall on front to witness bird dwellings, a faux deck garden (not featured), and a roof garden box that is removable for cleaning the inside of the birdhouse once your bird renters move out. Make this birdhouse uniquely your own by customizing the colour of the walls and deck/roof from the stain selections above.


    An overview of dimensions are as follows:


    • 12-inch (W) x 10-inch (H) x 8-inch (D)


    Please ensure your custom order includes a colour selection.


    1. Wall Colour (Semi-Solid Stain) [Choose One]  

    Dark Brown |OR| Light Brown |OR| Taupe |OR| Beige |OR| Espresso |OR| Mahogany |OR| Red Brown |OR| Cedartone |OR| Naturaltone |OR| Black |OR| Dark Grey |OR| Greige |OR| Light Grey |OR| White |OR| Green |OR| Teal |OR| Blue |OR| Purple |OR| Pink


    2. Deck/Roof Colour (Solid Stain) [Choose One]

    Black |OR| Dark Grey |OR| Grey |OR| Light Grey |OR| White |OR| Dark Brown |OR| Taupe |OR| Light Brown |OR| Tan


    *If you prefer a semi-solid stain for the roof or deck, please indicate in the comments which colour*


    All stained products are finished with acrylic polyurethene for durability and longevity. If your product will be directly exposed to the elements, we recommend that you do an annual touch-up with outdoor varnish to keep it looking new.


    Heavy duty key hole hangers are included with all birdhouses for easy hanging. If you have a different hanging style in mind (e.g. D-ring hangers), please leave a request in the additional comments and notes section. 


    When hanging or mounting this birdhouse, we recommend you do not mount this birdhouse directly to a tree (or anything that may be easily accessed by predators i.e. cats, squirrels, etc.) and mount it high enough to be out of reach of said predators. We encourage you to take extra precaution and take a few steps to predator-proof your birdhouse. Good precautions include squirrel baffles, predator guards, etc. 

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