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to Our New Product Store

As you know, bringing your home and building improvement projects to life is our business; not only do our clients trust us to exceed their expectations in every aspect of their project but we also strive to be 'a cut above' when it comes to sustainable waste management.

No matter the size of project, our work generates and produces waste - there is no avoiding it. We recognize this and have been working hard to create an innovative way to REDUCE, REUSE and REIMAGINE and to contribute positively to our local community for the betterment of the place we call home. 

Our products are created with YOU in mind. In our line of work, one size doesn't fit all and there is a degree of variation based on personal need, taste, and preference. Therefore, our products are made to be customizable, one of a kind, and uniquely yours. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are primarily made from off-cut materials leftover from our renovation projects. Some products may include new materials to render them functional.

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